Auditions for New Members

If you are aged between 9 and 18 and would like to act on a professional stage and make some new friends, then why not come and join us?
Auditions for new members take place once a year in May.
Audition pieces can be anything from a short monologue to a poem – do what you think works best for you. There will also be some workshop work.
To contact us please email us via our ‘Contact Us’ page.( Once you have joined BYT you can then audition for each show that we put on – usually two shows a year)
This year the new members auditions will be held on Saturday 18th May 2019 at 2pm – please contact us for further details.

Pre Audition Workshop

A workshop with the director and, if applicable, the musical director and choreographer. This should consist of an outline of the plot, a chance to learn an audition song (if relevant) and some improvisation based on the directors description of the character, period etc. Other particulars may be given which is left up to the directors discretion.

It is important that the members do not audition if they cannot make the commitment required.

Audition Day

Within one week of the workshop members will attend the audition. Members can only register if a parent or carer is available for 30 minutes on the day of the audition to explain to them about the level of commitment required.

Audition Panel

This should consist of 3 people – :
Director, Musical Director and Choreographer (where applicable) and should include someone who knows the children well and someone with “fresh eyes”


The auditions will be held according to the director’s wishes and preferred format.
After the auditions the panel will come to their decisions and the candidates will then be informed by post if they have been successful or not and will be asked to confirm their commitment to take part in the production by completing a supplied form which must be signed by them and counter-signed by a parent/guardian/carer. There will be a rehearsal schedule attached to the notification.