Each show will be cast by audition – sometimes there will be age restrictions due to the particular production being staged. We cannot guarantee members a role in every production.


If you are cast in a production you are expected to attend all rehearsals – you must advise of non-attendance in advance – you are part of a team! Please ensure that your parents are aware of the rehearsal schedule issued by the producer.

Offstage roles

Live theatre is not just about what the audience sees – there are many off-stage roles – why not volunteer to help backstage, with sound/lighting, set making or front of house etc to broaden your experience? BYT’s mission is to bring to the young people of Berkhamsted and the surrounding area education in all aspects of the theatre.

Performance fees

Each member who is in a production is charged a performance fee (between £45 and £50 depending on the scale of the show). This ensures that costs are divided more fairly as not all members will be in each show.


Annual subscriptions

These are due each summer and cover our general costs. Currently these are

  • £15 for the 1st child per family
  • £12 for the second child per family
  • £10 for any remaining family members

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM is held in June each year and all members are expected to attend – we need your input! Parents are also most welcome to attend.

Committee meetings

The management committee are always interested to hear your ideas and suggestions for shows, directors, workshops and so on. The list of committee members is here.


Whilst it is you that is the member of BYT, your parents are also involved – so keep them aware of what is happening! We welcome support from your parents, particularly around production time. Without their help we would not be able to put our shows on.

And they’ve even got their own page on this site