Rehearsal attendance

BYT requests that once a member has accepted a part in a production, they commit to attend all rehearsals that they are asked to attend, regardless of whether they have a leading role or a small part.

Before auditions commence for a production, members will be notified of the days in the week on which rehearsals will take place. If you have school or holiday commitments during rehearsal times you are required to notify the producer/co-producer in writing in advance.

If a member of the cast misses three rehearsals, BYT reserves the right to recast the part. This may seem rather harsh, but it has been found that when children regularly miss rehearsals, it affects everyone and causes a great deal of frustration to the director.

We would ask that children arrive in good time to begin rehearsals and are collected promptly (particularly when all day rehearsals take place). If children bring mobile phones to rehearsals, they need to be switched off during the rehearsal. The Producer’s mobile will be available for use in emergencies.

Rehearsal venues

Rehearsals are held at Haresfoot Junior School, Chesham Road, Berkhamsted. Go past Ashlyns School, straight over two roundabouts, towards Ashley Green. The school is the first turning on the left very soon after the second roundabout. See Contact Us for a map.

We would be very keen to hear any suggestions you or your children may have to enhance their membership of BYT. If you have any ideas about workshops you would particularly like us to organise, please telephone one of the committee.

Management Committee Members

Chairman – Adrian Handley

Secretary –¬†Alistair Clayton

Treasurer – Sarah Howell

Membership Secretary –¬†Jessica Farmer